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LAUNCH DBScar Golo OBD2 Code Readerer

LAUNCH DBScar Golo OBD2 Code Readerer

Today we have changed the price for OBD2 Code Reader LAUNCH DBScar .The price is just 59usd in autonumen store.

Everybody know BScar CA is a high-tech automotive fault diagnositic terminal to work with Android and Iphone smart phones .you could connecting it bluetooth to the smart phones.It can perform basic diagnosis on vehicle OBD System.And it can also realize basic diagnostic functions of entire vehicle system including reading DTCs,clearing DTCS and reading data stream.

Launch DBScar -CA OBD2 Code Reader OBDII Scanner for Android Smart phone ,and that suitable for personal car owner who only need repair one car model,or small workshop which repair one car brand ,it is affordable ad easy to use with your smart phone.

DBScar -CA Scan Tool works with any model's diagnostic software.and supports full system of a car.