Ford VCM II Ford VCM2 Diagnostic Tool with Ford IDS v108 Installed On Laptop Ready to Use

HOW to VCM2 Ford VCM II with Ford IDS v108 Work Well?

VCM2 Ford VCM2 Ford diagnostic tool hot sale in the market, Ford IDS software high recommend for Ford VCM2, few customer use VCM2 with Ford IDS hardly. Some customer feedback Ford ids software was too difficult to installed for working. Some customer feedback VCM2 can not work for Ford IDS V108 latest software. offer VCM2 Ford VCM2 with Ford IDS v108 installed on ThinkPad X200T laptop ready to use.



Why choose VCM2 Ford vcm2 with Ford IDS Software V108 Installed on IBM X200T

1.VCM2 Ford diagnostic tool Ford VCM II from is high-quality VCM2 hardware, support firmware update.


2.Ford IDS Software v108 is Original latest version Ford diagnostic Software, support Ford vehicles till 2017

3. VCM2 with Ford IDS V108 installed well on IBM X200T full set, it’s full set ready to use, no need install or activate by yourself.

4.VCM2 Ford vcm2 with Ford IDS Software V108 Installed on IBM X200T will configuration and test with ECU to make sure full set working no problem, software with hardware and laptop all no compatible problem, customer  can got it work directly.

5. VCM2 Ford VCM2 with Ford IDS software V108 installed IBM X200T laptop support Ford online programming, achieve the original Ford vcm2 Ford diagnostic tool functions completely.

VCM2 Ford VCM2 Ford Diagnostic Tool with Ford IDS V108 Full Set Configurations:
Hardware: VCM2 Ford Diagnostic Tool
Software Version: V108 Ford IDS Software

Support Multi-language: English, Italian, Spanish, Spanish(Mexico), French, French(Canada), German, Dutch, Finish, Danish, Greek, Slovenian, Amer English, Vietnamese language, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil), Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Czechic, Chinese(Taiwan), Chinese(China)

Hardware Update Online
Software update Via HDD

Operating System: Windows XP

Vehicle Coverage: Capabilities for most 16 pin Ford cars till 2017


Download: GDS2 v17.0.08000 – GM Global 2017.7.1 – MDI

Hi everyone. Free download 2017 GDS2 v17.0.08000 – GM Global 2017.7.1 – MDI GM diagnostic software for laptop to have GM diagnostic, coding, programming:


Password: MHHAUTO_GDS_07_2017

 It’s customer share: (big thanks documentacao.eng)

”I’m here to share a VM that I have success to update and it’s working fine
(tested with a china clone)”

What is GM GDS2:

The GM Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS2), a PC-based software application, is designed to diagnose and repair on-board automotive electronic systems. The software application is used with a personal computer and a GM MDI  multiple diagnostic interface (or J2534-2 equivalent)

What is GM MDI:

The Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI), provides full dealer level diagnostics and programming for all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017.

What is GM Global:

GM Global incl. GM diagnostic software download, Service Programming System (SPS), Security Access (Security), Snapshot (Snap), Tech2 View (T2 View), Techline Print (TL Print), Global Diagnostic System (GDS2), PRO Code Display (RPO)…ONLY WORK WITH GM MDI with Item NO. SP163-C!!!


GM MDI installation tips: (big thanks to SCOTT)

“Always make sure any downloaded files are unblocked
RIGHT CLICK DOWNLOADED FILES AND CLICK PROPERTY’S , Click unblock button if there, if not click cancel button.

Disable UAC and Disable firewall and reboot .

uninstall mdi manger from control panel, reboot, reinstall mdi manager , start mdi manger make sure correct firmware, close mdi manager or update firmware or do a recovery accordingly, Now leave mdi connected with 12v supply and reinstall tech2win, right click tech2win shortcut and click button -> open file location, find emulator.exe ,right click and select option to run as administrator.

close all. now replace quickstart.bin with now one.

now run program from desktop.”

Autonumen disclaimer:

software above tested by the DIY user only. Professionals haven’t tested it yet. You need luck with it coz there might be some unknown risk

Tested GM diagnostic software… here you go.

Tech2 32MB PCMCIA card software download:

SAAB TIS2000 software download: (with USB Key)

GM MDI V8.3.103.39 GDS2 Windows 7 software for Vauxhall Opel/Buick and Chevrolet:

You can use tested versions with relief…

All tested to work good with GM diagnostic here:


software Tech2 Win 

GDS2 2011: for GM MDI (sp163-c)

GDS2 2017: for GM MDI (sp163-d)

GDS 2 (2017)  TIS2000SPS
Note: GDS2 V2017 needs login to have diagnostic online
Need computer Yes, it’s PC-based. Yes, it’s PC-based. Basic diagnostics: on-boardTIS2000: PC-based
Systemrequirement Win XP onlyNew software: Win 7 Win7 64bit / 32 bitWin8 64bit Win XP for TIS2000
Language Multi-Language Multi-Language Multi-Language(depends on vehicles)
WIFI WIFI YES, VXDIAG GM has WIFI version and wired version (USB connection) No, only wired connection.
Update Firmware updatable Firmware updatableSoftware updatable Update via 32MB Card
Activation Yes, MDI need activation. No need to activate No need to activate
Diagnosis wireless basic diagnostic brand-specific diagnosis basic diagnosis
Programming -wireless online programming–offline programming ,such as European Chevrolet, Opel, but not for all cars GM TIS2WEB online Service Programming System (SPS) Offline coding/programming with TIS2000 on SAAB/OPEL (-2008)
Supported protocols UART, Class 2, KWP2000 and GMLAN (CAN) CAN, UART, KW2000, Class2, GM LAN, etc. CANdi interface(NOTE 1)
Supported vehicles vehicles from 1990-2017GM,




Australia Holden (2010-2012)

Vehicles to 2017GM,


vehicles from 1992-2013GM,






Advantage -can support software from original factory-support offline & online programming -cheap but with the same function as GM MDI– WIFI and USB connection

-good for new cars


-cannot plug original software card, but can support original program-easy to carry on


GM MDI – GM Global 2017.7.1 works good:



How to use Lonsdor K518ISE Product Service Center to Convert Data

How to use Lonsdor K518ISE Product Service Center to Convert Data

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmeris n可以ow released a “Product Service Center” which is designed to help users to calculate key data to covert data (prepare service mode) whenever and wherever. Users are free to login into center with email and password.

This service center is now specific to the following 3 car brands: VOLVO, MASERATI, FERRARI


Step 1: Input user account and password to login.

Lonsdor -1

Note: The account and password must be the same when register your K581SE.

Step 2:
Choose your device model


Step 3:
Choose the car model


Step 4:
Choose the key type that you want to transfer data (say ”Key(straight)”, which refers to common keys like S40, C30, C70, etc.)


Step 5: Data conversion operation
1.Device PSN is default.
2.Choose the car type, like S40/C30/C70 ect.
3.Upload the right EEPROM(2) first, and then upload the left EEPROM(1) data.
4.Submit data.


Step 6:
Once submit the data, the system will calculate data and refresh automatically, until the final result shows.
Note: If the data is misplaced, or the data is incorrect, the conversion will fail.


Step 7: Calculating complete, please click to download the data, and put the data in the corresponding folder according to ”Operation Guide”



V-checker T501 TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tire External Sensor Bluetooth Outside or inside

1.The V-checker T501 TPMS has two versions, the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version has navigation function,The English version does not have this function

2.How to display navigation information in T501?

Answer: Run the phone APP “navigation”, according to the screen prompts to operate.

3.Only for the moment to support the navigation software (Baidu map, Baidu navigation).

4.T501 Bluetooth can not be connected?

The first use of Bluetooth devices need to search, pair, connect.

Run the phone APP Bluetooth icon shows the Bluetooth connection status, if the display shows “not connected”, make sure the host is turned on under the premise, click the Bluetooth Icon, you will be prompted to enter the “Bluetooth Settings”, click “OK”, APP will automatically search the Bluetooth, select the display device name “V-checker” on it.

5.Built-in tire pressure sensor can be installed by yourself?

Need to go to a professional tire repair shop to install, taking into account the need for professional decontamination equipment, do not recommend the user-DIY installation.

6.Installation steps are as follows:

● Remove the tire from the hub and remove the original valve
● Install the built-in tire pressure sensor.
● Re-install the tire to the hub.
● tire cheer, check to ensure that the valve will not leak.
● Tire balancing test.
●Reinstall the tires on the car.




Button Basics
1. Scroll Buttons: Up Key (Scroll Upward), Down Key (Scroll Downward), OK Key (Press-down Vertically)
2. Charger Connector (DC 5V Input)
3. ON/OFF Switch

Functional Specifications
Meet the Icons on Screen




  1. Tire Pressure Value
  2. Vehicle Symbol
    1. Tire Icons
    2. Battery: Showing battery level or charging status
    3. Temperature Unit (℃)
    4. Settings Indicator
    5. Buzzing Indicator: lit-up when buzzer sound is on.
    6. Tire Temperature Value.
    7. Pressure Unit (Bar)
    8. Tire Sensors Low Battery Indicator
    9. Solar Panel




Fgtech V54 FAQ For Installed Work and use

Fgtech V54 FAQ

Fgtech V54 FAQ-1

Customer have some question about our Fgtech V54 Galletto 4 Master before place an order and after-sales for Fgtech V54 functions, Fgtech software and Fgtech installations. Below obd2tool select  and sort these question for customer reference.

About software:
Q: I have got my package, but the CD is broken, where and how can i get the software?
A: Sorry, you need to buy new FgTech ECU programmer.

Q: After I install the software, it ask me to update it, can I update it?
A: No, update the Galletto V54 software will damage the device.

Q: FGTech Galletto 4 can cancel EGR gestation via OBD?
A: Sorry, at present it still can not do this function, it just can read and write the Data of Engine ECU

Q: Can Fgtech V54 do this ecu Bosch EDC16 BMW(P3)?
A: Yes, it can do.

Q:Can your v54 master really can do boot mode tricore?
A:Yes,it can do,but depends on your ecu ,sir,we have tested on VW,it can do

About function:

Q: FGTech Galletto 4 can cancel EGR gestation via OBD?

A: Sorry, at present it still can not do this function, it just can read and write the Data of Engine ECU

Q: Can Fgtech V54 do this ecu Bosch EDC16 BMW(P3)?
A: Yes, it can do.

Q:Can your v54 master really can do boot mode tricore?
A:Yes,it can do,but depends on your ecu ,sir,we have tested on VW,it can do

Q: Hello I wanted to know if it can work with the truck to 24v or needs transformer
A: Sorry, Galletto V54 cannot support 24V truck model.

Q: Hello new V54 FGtech Galletto 4 support NEW JTAG Renesas?
A: It can support new chip JTAG, but can not support all of these ecu chips. Please kindly note.

Q: Hello, does FG-tech V54 can support Peugeot 308Turbo?

A: Whether it work on your car, that’s mainly depends on the ecu model, please check fgtech v54 ecu passing list here:

Q: Does FGTech Galletto Support Siemens Sid 208 OBD or Tricore?

A: FGTech Galletto supports Tricore function.

Q:Can FGTech Galletto work in Continental SID 208?
A: Sorry, it cannot.

Q: Can fgtech v54 supports checksum function?
A: Yes, fgtech v54 can checksum automatically after it read out the data.

Q: Will fgtech galletto 4 V54 master work on 2007 Dodge Caravan J1850 protocol?
A: Yes, you can try it.

Q: Fg tech v54 can read and write the edc17c9 Opel fiat?
A: Sorry, it cannot.

Q: For MED 17,which one is better, KESS V2 or this one?
A: KESS V2 is better.

Q: Install well,test well,just wonder why it cannot do 2013 or 2014 years car
A: This version just can do 2013 around, cannot do very new car


About installation:
Q: I installed the Galetto V54 Software and Driver on my Windows XP without any Problems. Then I tried to start the Software. I get the error “This Software cannot run under Virtual Machine”.
A: Try opening the VMX file associated with the virtual machine.
Add these lines:
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “TRUE”
disable_acceleration = “TRUE”

Q: Can I install FgTech Galletto V54 software on Win 7?
A: Yes, but you can load Galletto software on one system only, Win 7 or Win XP.

Q: Hi, i wanna purchase your computer together; can you install the software for me before shipping?
A: Yes, our engineer will do this for you if you need.

Q: Hello mate,I just want ask you,Eobd fgtech galletto master 4 is working on windows 7 32 or 64 bit version?
A: Yes, but we suggest customers to use it on windows XP.

Q: Do I need to set the PC time when installing software?
A: It depend what condition you use, if your have some problem, please contact us.


How to install V54 FgTech Galletto 4 software

Fgtech V54 Master with BDM-OBD function is the user-friendly ECU programmer that is respected by most professional tuners. Still some FgTech galletto 4 v54 beginners are seeking the software installation guide. Following is the step-by-step installation guide provided.

Operating system:

Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (better to use our win XP O/S)

How to install FgTech Galletto V54 ECU tuning software step-by-step?

Pre-install caution:

Easy 10 steps:
1) Insert the CD software in package into computer
2) Open “My Computer”, locate and open “FG TECH V54 (E:)”
3) Open and install “FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto set

Fgtech V54 FAQ-2

Follow the system prompt step-by-step:
Click “Next” to install Galletto setup wizard-> Select “Destination location to C://FGTech”->Tick Create a desktop icon” and “Create a Quick Launch icon” on desktop
4) Un-tick “Launch Galletto”, click “Finish” when complete installing wizard
5) Select “Install from a list or specific location (advanced)”

Fgtech V54 FAQ-3

6) Browse and save files to “C://FGTech//fgtech-new-deriver”

Fgtech V54 FAQ-4


7) Open Galletto software on the desktop
The system will display a WinLicense prompt “This application has been registered to dragan xp”, click on “OK” button to continue
8) Re-install “FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto setup” again, follow the same above procedure or simply follow system prompts

Fgtech V54 FAQ-5

This time tick “Launch Galletto” and click “Finish” button if wizard is completely installedPress “OK” when EOBD message displays                                                     Launching FgTech Galletto software, accept EOBD2 warning message by clicking on“OK”

Fgtech V54 FAQ-6

9) Select software language
Multi language available: Italian, English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish

Fgtech V54 FAQ-7

10) Select vehicle make, model, ECU type to read/write ECU
PS: If you fail to install FGTech Galletto v54 software on your computer, you can try our Win XP O/S

If you have any questions do not understand, please contact customer service


Ford VCM2 Ford VCM II Diagnostic Tool Installation Instructions

1Copy the contents of the CD to your computer’s desktop.

2The time in the lower right corner of the computer is current, the time zone setting is changed to(GMT+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi.


3Install VMware-Player (Virtual Machine



After the installation is completed, the following icon:


4After running Ford software:


5Find the Dirver file installed on the CD.


6. Run IDS (virtual machine lower right corner of the time can not be   modified)VCM2-7


7Software can be used after running


for any other problem of Ford VCM2 ,please contact us or scan our wbsite link

Newly Added 6 Languages for V5.18 CN900 Mini


V5.18 CN900 Mini Transponder Key Programmer Mini CN900 for 4C 46 4D 48 G Chips

Language: English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish

CN900 Mini V5.18 Update:
TJECU MINI900 TOYOKEY OBD is newly confirmed to be able to write Toyota Smart card via OBD, it supports 3370-5290-A433-F433 types. 
(Update notice: TJECU next update plan is to initialize Toyota 0020 type of 8A smart card with all key lost)

Support Online update
Various types of vehicle anti-the fault detection, matching detection
Portable Super long standby
support four kinds of frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
Support 11/12/13/33/T5/4C/4D/42/46/48/72G chip copy.
USB2.0, Bluetooth4.0

OBDSTAR X300M X300-M Car List

OBDSTAR X300M is another new odometer adjustment tool launched by OBDSTAR. It’s designed completly according to industrial standard.It’s easy to take away and shockproofed.



OBDSTAR X300M Vehicle Coverage:




OBDSTAR 300 M EPB Vehicle List
Kia,Lancia,Land rover,Lincoln,Maseratt,MG,Mini cooper,Opel,Peugeot,Porsche,Alfa Romeo,Renault,

OBDSTAR 300M Iimmobilizer Vehicle List
Baic,Benz,Besturn,Brilliance,BYD,Changan,Chanche,Chery,Cheysler,Dffengxing,DFPV,FAW Jiabao,
Fiat,Ford,Geely,GM,Great Wall,Hafei,Haima,Hawtai,Himiko,Honda,Hongqi,Hyundai,Isuzu,JAC,Jaguar,
Jianglin,Kia,Land rover,Liebao,Lifan,Luxgen,Maserati,Mazda,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Infiniti,Opel,Peuegot,
Young Lotus,Zhengzhou,ZZMazda

OBDSTAR 300M Oil Service Vehicle List
Acura,Audi,Baic,Bently,Benz,Beaten,BMW,Bugatti,Buick,BYD,Caddilac,Chevy,Cheverolet and GMC,Chysler,Citoen,Dacia,Daewoo,
Dodge,Ferrari,Fiat,Ford,GMC,Great Wall,Holden,Honda,Hummer,Hyundai,Infiniti,Isuzu,JAC,Jaguar,Jeep,Kia,Lamborghini,Lancia,
Land rover,Lexua,Lincoln,Maseratt,Mazda,MG,Mini Cooper,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Oldsmobile,Opel,Peugeot,Pontiac,Porsche,Qoros
Renault,,Roewe,Rolls-Royce,Alfa Romeo,Rover,Saab,Saturn,Scion,Seat,Skoda,Smart,Subaru,Suziki,Toyota,Vauxhall,Volvo,VW


OBDSTAR X300M  Mileage Programmer Car Model Test OK (Customer Feedback)

focus 2013 OK
fiesta 2012 OK
grand punto 2010 OK
punto 2007 OK
grand cherokee 2013 OK
astraj 2010 2011 2012 NOT OK
Fiat fiorino obd ok
Audi A4 2007… in 20 seconds by OBD.
2013 jetta mono display ok.
Chevrolet CRUZE 2012, Read security code ok and Mileage ok
Cruze 13 miles ok
Volkswagen Amarok 2014 ok ( chose golf NEC 24C64 white meter 2013-)
Porsche Cayenne 2012 mileage OK
Skoda Octavia 2010 nec+24c32 VDO mileage OK
Skoda Superb 2012 via obd mileage ok
Polo 2004 VDO k Line mileage OK
have made KM visteon dash 95320 vw golf 5 with success, just plug and play
Mazda 6-2015 via obd -ok
Mazda 3-204-2015 obd-ok
Octavia 2012-nec24c64-ok
2010 Cadillac escalade odo via obd – ok
fiat qubo/fiorino obd ok
audi a4l 2012 by obd ok
KIA Sportage 2014 + with D70F3536 (no external EEPROM) ok
KIA Optima 2014 + with D70F3536 (no external EEPROM) ok
KIA Sorento 2014+ with D70F3523 (no external EEPROM) ok
Hyundai I20 2015+ with D70F35xx (no external EEPROM) ok
Hyundai Genesis 2015+ with D70F3523 (no external EEPROM) ok
hyundai accent (korea) 24c16 obd not ok but choose AZERA D70F3423 and read km write ok and did same with RIO but choose kia ceed D70F3423
even when i open dash they had 24c16 and D70F3423 hope that saves time for you as did to me
2012 jetta nec+24c64 black/white display-20 sec ok
Ford Ecosport 2014 1 min by obd ok, It’s like new fiesta same cluster Ecosport
Citroen Nemo 2008 – OK
Fiat Fiorino 2010 – OK
Fiat Fiorino 2012 – OK
VW T5 2011 – OK
Chevrolet Cruze 2010 – OK
Chevrolet Cruze 2011 – OK
Dodge Durango 2007 (as Chrysler RAM 2006-2008) – OK
Hyundai Accent 2011 – OK
Hyundai Accent 2012 – OK
Opel Insignia 2010 – OK
Peugeot Bipper 2012 – OK
Mazda cx-9 2008 ok

Launch X431 V 8 inch vs. X431 V Pro vs. X431 Pro Mini

Launch X431 V 8 inch vs. X431 V Pro vs. X431 Pro Mini


Picture launch-x431-v-pro launch-x431-v-8inch-tablet-diagnostic-tool-120 launch-x431-pro-mini-bluetooth
Item X431 V PRO X431 V 8 inch Launch X431 Pro Mini
Item No. A286-1 A286-8 A286-7
Automotive Diagnostics
Remote Diagnosis
Recording and playback
special function
Waveform Display
VIN Identification
Diagnostic Software 100, click for software list 100, click for software list 108, click for software list
OS Android Android 4.2 Android 5.1
SIZE 7-inch Tablet,1024X600 8” 1280 x 800 IPS display with 189 ppi 6.9 inch 1280 x 720
CPU Dual core 1GHz Quad core 1GHz Quad core 1.3 GHz
RAM 512MB 1 GB 2GB
Capacity (internal / SD card) 2GB 16GB (expandable by up to 32 GB) 16GB
Battery 3000mh, rechargeable polymer lithium battery 4200mh rechargeable polymer lithium battery 3.7V/3000mh rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Pixels : 2 mega rear and 0.3 mega front Front-facing 2 MP camera and rear-facing 5 MP camera with 1080p HD video recording Front-facing 2MP camera + rear-facing 5MP camera
Communication WIFI/Bluetooth Wi-Fi: WLAN 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-Fi: WLAN 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1
Upgdate one-click update online for 2 years free one-click update online for 2 years free one-click update online for 2 years free

Comparison between X431 V 7″ and X431 V 8″:

1. X431 V 8″ have bigger screen size, better view.
2. X431 V 8″ has bigger Bluetooth adapter with LED indicator.
3. X431 V 8″ has higher hardware configuration.


Launch X431 V FAQ:

Q:What’s X431 V Dealer Code?
A: 755D

Q: How many car brands can it support?
A: It can support for 72kinds of car brands,such as Asian,European and American ect.

Q: Which website can I update my machine?


How to Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

* Programming Control Unit

* Set Code Control unit

Control unit measures can be selected as follows:

* Click on the control unit under the tab “Control Unit Tree”

* Under the “TAB Edit Control unit”, either by direct selection or by clicking on the control unit.

Menu “Programming”

To execute the vehicle programming/setting code, do the following:

* Use ista/p to read vehicle data.

After you create a new dialog, display the tips for “dialog preparation”

* Follow the tips, record when necessary, confirm button “OK”

Show the dialog box “whether the control unit has been replaced”

* Confirm button “No”, exceptions see “replace (update) control unit”

Establish a connection with the vehicle:

The vehicle details are displayed after the specified associated environment has been successfully identified. Displayed under Menu “Programming”.


1 Menu “Programming”

2 Integration Level (actual), showing the vehicle’s current integration level

3 Open code status, used in vehicles or necessary opening code status

4 progress bar, showing the process of determining the action plan

5 final processing, showing ProgMan or ista/p version, through which the vehicle is finally processed.

6 Integration Level (factory), showing the integration level of vehicle production

7 Tab “Vehicle Details”

Tip: If there is no action for the specified associated environment, the button “Confirm Action plan” is not activated.

tab “Control Unit Tree”:

The control unit tree according to the topological structure, the image displays the control unit which the vehicle installs. Each control unit is displayed with the corresponding bus connection. The combined control unit is displayed in a light blue area.


1 Menu “Programming” 2 Tab “control Unit Tree”

3 Button “Choose the total set code”,

Vehicle Total Setting Code selected

4 Button “Cancel action”, the measures determined in the associated environment are deleted

Tip: You can directly perform measures that are not affected by the integration level (such as hard drive upgrades) without writing to the integration level.  “Cancel action” on this confirmation button. Delete all measures determined by the associated environment. Integrated level-related control unit measures may not be selected manually.

tab “Edit Control Unit”:


1 tab “Plan processing”

2 programming, programming the control unit

3 Code, set code for control unit

4 replacement, replacement (update) control unit

5 replacement post-processing, subsequent processing of replaced (updated) control units

The measures available to the control unit are different. Depending on what measures are defined, the control unit may vary.

Select the control unit and the screenshot after the” tabs action” list:


1 Tab “Action list”

2 Icon “Measure failed”

3 icon “Action Missing Prerequisites” 4 Icon “Warning”

5 icon “measure Success” 6 Icon “measures in progress”

7 Icon “Planned software measures” (for example, set code)

8 icon “Planned hardware measures”

Select the tab “action list” to display planned measures that include the appropriate status.

Select the control unit,  the screenshot after the TAB “control unit Information”:


1 Menu “Programming”

2 Tab “Action list”

3 button “Determine Action plan”

The “action list” is a summary of the form of the planned action table. These measures are also shown in the “Action plan”. Also displays hints about the control unit (for example, the control unit is not programmable).

Menu “Vehicle”:

By switching to the menu “vehicle” You can add the following measures to the plan:

* Modification and retrofitting, see “refitting and retrofitting”

* Vehicle operation (HDD upgrade, see “Upgrading Navigation System Map data”).

xt-transform:none;font-style:normal;font-size:9.5000pt;mso-font-kerning:0.0000pt;background:rgb(255,255,255);mso-shading:rgb(255,255,255);” > after the TAB “control unit Information”:


1 tab “Refit” to show available modifications and retrofitting

2 Tab “Vehicle operation”:

* Upgrade navigation system map data (HDD upgrades)

* Input Vehicle Task

* Select the total set code

3 Menu “Vehicle”

To select other measures (programming, setting code), switch back to menu “programming”.

:none;font-style:normal;font-size:9.5000pt;mso-font-kerning:0.0000pt;background:rgb(255,255,255);mso-shading:rgb(255,255,255);” >* Modification and retrofitting, see “refitting and retrofitting”

* Vehicle operation (HDD upgrade, see “Upgrading Navigation System Map data”).

xt-transform:none;font-style:normal;font-size:9.5000pt;mso-font-kerning:0.0000pt;background:rgb(255,255,255);mso-shading:rgb(255,255,255);” > after the TAB “control unit Information”:

Best Quality BMW ICOM A2 +B+C Diagnostic & Programming TOOL