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Instruction of how to update X-431 Diagun

BY AUTONUMEN  2014-12-22

Launch X-431 Diagun Auto Scanner is a standard diagnostic tool for technicians specially designed by Launch company. It's  with compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. Its featuers are smart design, portable, full color touch sreen, easy to operate, supporting multiple languages and wide-range use.Also wireless connection and data communication are realized by Bluetooth and easy to operate.

X-431 Diagun can update via internet anywhere at any time. But the username and password will be given by us if you purchase it from autonumen instead of registering by yourself. Different areas will be with diferent softwares. But we will ensure the softwares used in your country. But usually users will meet the problem of updating. Now please read the detailed instruction of how to update:

Instruction of how to update X-431 Diagun
1. Connect card reader with TF card to PC and install drive program
Necessary hardware:
1) A computer that can access the internet.
2) A TF card reader of X-431 Diagun and a TF card to be updated.
Necessary software:
Tested model software and update tool (download from offical x431 website)
2. Connection

3. Steps:
a) Take out the TF card from the X-431Diagun main unit (press the TF card slightly and it will pop up automatically);
b) Insert the TF card into the card reader (the side printed with words is upward, and insert the TF card into the card reader perpendicularly);
c) Connect the card reader to the USB port of the computer.
4. Begin to Update Software, and install the X-431 Diagun update tool according to the Wizard.
After the installation, the update icon for the X-431 Diagun will appear on the desktop.  Double click the update icon for X-431Diagun on the desktop to actuate the update tool. This program will check the update file downloaded by the user automatically, including the files of diagnostic program and display program, as shown below.
5. Select the update program version on the right, and click [UPDATE]. When update completed, an indication box will pop up. If the update program version  doesn't  exist  on  the  right,  clicking  the  icon  "   "  to  open  the downloaded update program.
6. You can click the corresponding icon "   " to the G disc to view the files stored in the TF card and delete some old software versions if necessary for more available space in TF card.
7. Click [EXIT] to exit.
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