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Product Description


• Connects via USB to PC
• Immo1 & Immo2 supported up to year 2004
• Read Login code
• Program new keys
• Read and erase error codes of IMMO

- Reading of PIN for immo1 works only if pin code already have been entered sometimes before
- Reading of PIN code for immo2 is not possible by OBD

Opel IMMO USB Manual

1. System requirements:
Opel IMMO Reader is a Windows based program that will work on any PC or laptop that has installed Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP.

Hardware requirements:
Any PC or laptop with Pentium / 133MHz processor or higher, and a free USB port.

2. USB Drivers installation:
Caution: This hardware interface requires drivers installation to work!
Please use only drivers that are supplied with this product. There are no other or better drivers.
For all Windows XP users:
Please disconnect your PC or laptop from Internet before install drivers !
Don't use Windows 'original' drivers! This is important!

How to install drivers:
Connect OBD interface to any free USB port. This will start Windows procedure to install drivers for the new hardware found. Tell to Windows where the drivers are on your harddisk.

If Windows tells you that the driver is not certified by Microsoft just confirm that you want to install it anyway.

How to uninstall drivers:
If you wish to uninstall drivers, go to control panel and uninstall drivers with standard procedure.

3. How to work with the software:
Connect OBD connector to car diagnostic socket.
Then connect hardware interface to any free USB port of your PC or laptop.
Start program Opel IMMO. Select ECU from menu. After selecting ECU, press "Connect Selected ECU" button. If everything is OK after few seconds software will read info from it. After successful procedure, all useful buttons on screen will be enabled. 4. Programming new keys:
User can program up to 5 diferent keys to an immobiliser.

How to do this:
Insert new key, and switch ignition ON.
Connect to immobilizer.
Enter correct PIN code.
Press "Prog. New Key "
Message 'Reading key...' will be displayed on screen.
After successful procedure there will be a message: 'Key programmed!'
Wait 10 seconds and turn ignition OFF.
Turn ON ignition with same key, and wait until yellow indicator lamp on car dash
stop flashing, and light on continuously. Start the car to test new key.
If the indicator lamp continue flashing, this means that transponder is not
compatible to this car or engine ECU, try to program other transponder from

4.another type.
If there are error message when try to program new key, user can read errors to see where is the problem.

5. Other commands
Please read menu on screen, and all messages when they appear.
There are detailed info for all commands.
Command 'Read PIN' for immo1 works only if pin code alredy have been entered sometimes before. Immobiliser must be restarted, and OBD connector must be attached to the car, before try to read PIN code. To restart immo, just disconnect immobilizer connector for 5 seconds and reconnect it. Reading of PIN code for immo2 is not possible by OBD.
When you program new transponder without key, please keep transponder near as possible to the immo coil.
If there are error message when program new key, this means next thing:
- Transponder is not compatible to Opel immobilizers.
- Transponder can not be read.
- Transponder is alredy programmed to immobilizer.
- Immo is busy, in this case repeat command again.
- There are alredy 5 keys programmed to immo, there is no room for another key.
There is a good news:
Transponders for new model immos (crypto type) can be programmed to old model immo.

There is a bad news:
Transponders from other cars, for example VW can not be programmed to Opel immos. Also sometimes transponder is programmed to immo, but car can't be started, in this case you are using a uncompatible type of transponder, for example transponders from Astra-G doesn't work with Corsa-C. There are many different types of transponders for Immo 2, depending on car, model and year of production.

6. Opel OBD2 connector pins: 4 pin GND
16 pin +12V battery
3 pin K-line for old model immobilizers Motorola MCU
7 pin K-line for new model immobilizers Texas MCU
12 pin K-line for old model immo (Opel Sintra and some other models mostly for US market)