OBD Tool For Fuel Injected Honda Motorcycles Support Multi-languages

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Product Description

OBD Tool for Fuel Injected Honda Motorcycles Support Multi-languages

Diagnostic OBD Tool for Honda Motorcycles includes a hardware interface module and a PC software, which allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the FI light coming on.The user is able to read the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and clear them after the repair. Get the job done properly with our professional OBD Tool!

Advantages of OBD Tool for Fuel Injected Honda Motorcycles compared to the factory HDS tool?
1. Cost is fraction of the factory tool, affordable even for individuals and small repair shops.
2. Connection to the ECM is MUCH easier and quicker, just press the Connect button and the OBD Tool does the rest. No need to enter the frame number, model.
3. All sensor values are shown at the same time, on one screen.
4. Can be used on a dyno, also when the rear wheel is spinning.
5. The measurements are captured automatically and can be saved and played back from file.
6. It is possible to monitor the sensors on Graph.
7. The USB connection, compact size and auto setup make this product portable and extremely easy to use.
8. The software runs on any version of Windows, you can run it on a hardware (laptop, netbook) of your choice.
Language Support List: English, French, Geman, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Notice: This item cannot be update, so Never try to update it, or it will damage this tool

OBD Tool for Fuel Injected Honda Motorcycles Software Display:

OBD Tool for Fuel Injected Honda Motorcycles Vehicle List:
All variants, special editions and BOTH ABS and non-ABS models are supported, except where noted for the selected bike model/year. If you do not see the ABS model or a different model variant listed, it means product fitment is the same as for the standard model. If you do not see the Product Advisor, your browser does not have the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in installed. Please try it on a computer. A mobile friendly version will be available soon.
Notes     Year     Make     Model     Submodel
      2007     Honda     CB600F     599
      2013     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2013     Honda     CBR1000RR     ABS
      2012     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2012     Honda     CBR1000RR     ABS
      2011     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2011     Honda     CBR1000RR     ABS
      2011     Honda     CBR1000RR     Repsol
      2010     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2010     Honda     CBR1000RR     ABS
      2009     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2009     Honda     CBR1000RR     ABS
      2009     Honda     CBR1000RR     Repsol
      2008     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2007     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2007     Honda     CBR1000RR     Repsol
      2006     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2005     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2005     Honda     CBR1000RR     Repsol
      2004     Honda     CBR1000RR     --
      2011     Honda     CBR125R     --
      2009     Honda     CBR125R     --
      2008     Honda     CBR125R     --
      2007     Honda     CBR125R     --
      2012     Honda     CBR250R     --
      2012     Honda     CBR250R     ABS
      2011     Honda     CBR250R     --
      2011     Honda     CBR250R     ABS
      2013     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2013     Honda     CBR600RR     ABS
      2013     Honda     CBR600RR     Repsol
      2012     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2012     Honda     CBR600RR     ABS
      2011     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2011     Honda     CBR600RR     ABS
      2010     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2010     Honda     CBR600RR     ABS
      2010     Honda     CBR600RR     Leyla Edition
      2009     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2009     Honda     CBR600RR     ABS
      2008     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2007     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2006     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2005     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2004     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2003     Honda     CBR600RR     --
      2012     Honda     CRF150R     --
      2013     Honda     CRF250L     --
      2013     Honda     CRF450R     --
      2012     Honda     CRF450R     --
      2011     Honda     CRF450R     --
      2010     Honda     CRF450R     --
      2009     Honda     CRF450R     --
      2008     Honda     Goldwing 1800     GL1800
      2007     Honda     Goldwing 1800     GL1800
      2006     Honda     Goldwing 1800     GL1800
      2005     Honda     Goldwing 1800     GL1800
      2013     Honda     NC700X     --
      2012     Honda     NC700X     --
      2013     Honda     NC700XD     DCT ABS
      2012     Honda     NC700XD     DCT
FI Version Only     2012     Honda     Shadow Aero 750     VT750C
FI Version Only     2011     Honda     Shadow Aero 750     VT750C
FI Version Only     2010     Honda     Shadow Aero 750     VT750C
FI Version Only     2009     Honda     Shadow Aero 750     VT750C
FI Version Only     2008     Honda     Shadow Aero 750     VT750C
FI Version Only     2007     Honda     Shadow Aero 750     VT750C
      2013     Honda     VFR1200F     ABS
      2012     Honda     VFR1200F     ABS
      2010     Honda     VFR1200F     ABS
      2013     Honda     VFR1200FD     ABS DCT
      2012     Honda     VFR1200FD     ABS DCT
      2010     Honda     VFR1200FD     ABS DC
Frequent Asked Questions about OBD Tool for Fuel Injected Honda Motorcycles:
Q1. What is the minimum system requirement to run the software?
-All computers running Windows (any version) and having a USB port will do. The minimum screen resolution is 1024x600.
Q2. How to use the tool?
- Have the ignition key in OFF position.
- Connect the OBD tool connector to the 4-pole RED DLC plug of the bike, and connect the USB plug to your Windows PC.
Warning: Never connect the OBD tool connector to a bike plug other than the RED plug.
- Start the OBD tool application.
- Select neutral, turn ignition On and have the engine stop switch in RUN position.
- Press the "Connect" button. The engine parameters must be shown on the screen.
- Start the engine if you wish to inspect parameters with the engine running.
Q3. Some parameters do not show any value, why?
-This means your vehicle does not have such kind of sensor, or that sensor data is not available through the OBD interface on your bike.
Q4. Can I get some description on the sensors?
-Yes, move your mouse on the sensor name and wait a second, an infotip will appear.
Q5. The "Throttle position" value does not change from 0 to 100, is that a problem?
-No, the value displayed here is not normalized and may vary from bike to bike.
-The ECM learns the minimum and maximum TPS values and then knows how much throttle is applied.
-The important thing is, the value should increase as you pull the throttle. Graph view can be useful to detect sensor malfunction.
Q6. The "Advance" parameter does not seem to be correct.
-All parameters shown by the OBD tool are read from the bike computer, without modification. On certain bike models, the ignition Advance value should be multiplied by 2 or 4 if you need to know the real value.
Q7. What is the maximum measuring time?
-The measuring time is unlimited (depends only on available disk space. The OBD Tool automatically starts the recording when you connect to the ECM.
Package Including:
1pc X  Honda Motorcycles OBD Tool