GM MDI Clone Scan Tool Unboxing Review and Setup ACDelco TDS Intro (Best Chinese Clone to Buy)

GM MDI Clone Scan Tool Unboxing Review and Setup ACDelco TDS Intro (Best Chinese Clone to Buy)

GM MDI Clone Scan Tool Unboxing Review and Setup ACDelco TDS Intro

This video goes thru unboxing and setup of the best quality GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) clone / replica example, comparison with the prior generation GM Tech2 scan tool, and how to reflash (recover) the MDI device firmware and configure the settings using the Bosch MDI Manager for Windows 7 and up, and finally an intro overview of the ACDelco TIS2Web / TDS website subscription options / features.

The GM MDI replaced the Tech2 as the J2534 dealership scan tool starting with the 2008 model year, though there was some overlap with existing models thru 2013 when the Tech2 was finally no longer supported for new vehicles. For new models introduced from 2010 and later, the MDI or MDI 2 are the only diagnostic and calibration programming tools utilized at your GM dealer.

The MDI is not compatible with the legacy DVD based TIS2000 and only works with TIS2Web online, where you can use either SPS or the Global Diagnostic System (GDS) 2 online software. You can also subscribe to the Tech2Win software at which is a Tech2 emulator for working on vehicles prior to the 2008 model year in lieu of a physical Tech2 tool.

The reviewed MDI knock-off / clone / replica tool has a S/N of 22129579 (all of them from this factory have the same serial number) and supports all Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, GMC, Hummer, Opel, Vauxhall, Isuzu, Saab, Daewoo and Holden makes and models of the applicable years. I purchased it on eBay.

CGDI BMW Newest Test Report & Review

CGDI BMW come with OBD, FEM/BDC and CAS4+ function by default, no need pay extra, it is cost-effective BMW key programmer for DIY user. Here we collect some test report and review from customers, hope it is helpful for you.

CGDI BMW Prog Test Report:
cas4 F10 – ok (new key)
cas4+ F10 – ok (new key) isn from org key or dump DME
fem/bdc F31 – ok – reset mileage, change isn, change vin, make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE
cas3+ E60- ok , downgrade and make key with isn from org key
CGDI PROG bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK
Read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628
program bdc key via obd for bmw x6 ok!
add key to bmw x5 successfully
program key to 2016 BMW 5-series ok
program key for BMW 523Li OK
Program BMW FEM all key lost done!
program FEM for F30 328 2013 ok
programing orignal key for BMW 325 ok
add new key to BMW 3 series ok.
program bmw m3 key done!
Cas 2 – E60 2005 lost key – Obd – not working ( no option to program from dump)
Cas 3+ E87 2008 spare key – eeprom dump – ok
F10 – key from dump – OK
F10 LCI – key from dump and isn from working key – OK
F10 LCI – key from dump and isn from DDE – OK
E60 LCI – downgrade CAS3+ and key via OBD – OK

CGDI Prog BMW Review and Feedback:
CGDI for BMW can reprogram EGS for 2009 for BMW x5.
CGDI Prog for BMW supports for BMW 650i 2003 all key lost.
CGDI for BMW can read and write the ISN EWS egs for BMW M5 F10 dct gearbox 2013. Can read from DME and write into egs.
CGDI PROG for bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK
Read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628
Excellent tool so far. no bricks or problems.
extremely fast for cas1, 2 & 3
for cas3+ if need downgrade 10 minutes and seems safe.
make sure you have proper power on the car

You can reuse an old key and reprogram it, there is a button that says unlock key. I tried and worked with aftermarket key, did not try on a original for BMW key to unlock(tested on e60 cas2)
and yes it is safe if downgrade for CAS3+.

Read ISN form MSV80 result OK
Read and write ISN cas 3 result OK

Did a 2008 E60 CAS3+ had to DOWNGRADE it took about 10min and programmed key successfully

Did a 2008 E60 528i it asked for Downgrade it took around 10min no error codes all perfect key works

Instructions for cas4 F10 key programming:
Cas4 can only be done by reading DFlash from Freescale cpu then load into programmer software and generate key. It can no ne done by obd.
You need xprog or vvdi prog to read the dflash.

How to connect CGDI MB to w164 EIS on bench ?

Looking for the wiring diagram that CGDI MB connects to w164 EIS on bench? read this post.


my cgdi mb can’t connect to w164 EIS on bench – I have got gateway emulator but need to make proper cable for it, could You help me with wiring diagram ? – I know that aliexpress has got nice kit of cables but can’t wait a month or so for delivery.

I have got XHORSE Power ADAPTER with direct cable for W164, but it doesn’t work with CGDI – I noticed that this adapter doesn’t allow to pass power and data when connected between cgdi and w164 EIS, seems to be useless for CGDI owners for now. That’s why I decided to connect ordinary gateway emulator but need connection diagram to build a cable.

How satisfied are you with Kess V2 clone?

Kess V2 clone latest reviews: (updated in the year 2019)

Review 1:

Every one of the cars and ecus that are implemented works 100 percent. Never problem in my experience – euro cars.

Review 2:

Kess V2 still trying to figure out MG1, while other tool’s have already done this & doing lots of ecu’s on pinout!!
C59 on pinout, no need to open ecu w/x17 & Auto-tuner

Review 3:

I only have kess v2 clone, i was happy with it it works very good only fail on one ecu ford sid which kess fried it.
I have a genuine mpps, do less things but what it does it does it very very well and faster than kess.
I have lot of friend with kess which think like you, new ksuite  is slow and a pain in the ass, and on new ecus  not protocols…
I was wonder to buy genuine kess, and for these thing i bought the mpps, in future i will think to buy new tool for newer cars, but probably not kess, maybe autotuner or cmd at least they implement new protocols as other tools..
ON the other hand i think genuine ktag is best tool for working on bench, it is a piece of cake.

Review 4:

I have kess/ktag, x17 and fgtech,  but 90% of time for new and old ecu I use fgtech, for vag bmw and ford I use x17,  and for boot use ktag.
Kess I almost never use it,  is slow than other and sometime not work, and I hate “switch on, pres ok, switch off, press ok, are you sure, press ok, ecc ecc.”

Review 5:

every tool have negative and positive point in which ecu type is better
for me kess v2 is good in some no, ktag for for bdm,boot  and jtag is the best for me,fgtech galletto is one of the top for me,
autotuner and x17 for now very good ,for cmd i will think good but too expensive tool
best regards!

Review 6:

My kess is under dust like 1 year already, Autotuner rule now for all what you ask psa, mb, bmw and more all obd and fastest read/write in the market i have all tools included cmd and new Flex, Autotuner i can say is best for now for new cars, old cars you can use kess, so it depend what car market you work on.

Review 7:

i own a Kess V2 china/euro clone master – and always need to take out ECU on peugeot 1.6 vti ME7.4.5 if i remember well .. can not do via odb but on bench can … i recently bought a ktag also clone and on a simmilar peugeot 308 same ecu .. and the ktag could not do it . kept giving read error after about 11% .
Anyway on my own vehicle BMW E90 320i N46B20 , the ecu that kess says it takes is not the ecu it is ..
but when i search this ecu it is under other protocols … of a different bmw like 4L i think or older model when it is not …
I am still learning these tools as i think the world of ECU modding is big and there is no market for it yet in my city .

Review 8:

I have Kess V2 4.036 EU. Basically, it does a lot of ECUs that has ECU protocols. But does not do EDC15C2 Renault, EDC15C2 PSA, EDC16C31 MB. I made these ECU-s via OBD with MPPS V13 China clone without any problem. The Recovery mode from MPPS also does not work if the ECU is bricked up. MPPS Recovery works without a problem.

Review 9:

I got kess and x17. What I can say
Support is fast, and kess is 100 time more stable than x17.
I use it on some edc17 vag never missed a car.
Good stuff on old cars too.
I shit in my pants more in using x17 than kess lol
They did many updates theses last months. Bmw Exx by obd now.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Piwis Tester II with CF-30 and Functions


Top 5 Reasons to Get Piwis Tester II with CF-30 :
1. Full set device with laptop and software. Start and run, easy operation, no need install software.
2. Support Multi Language, suitable for different country customer. Supported language including: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch
3. Bluetooth,GPS and Navigation Function are available. But you need to pay for the authorization of them.
4. Support Key Programming function,cost 220USD per time ( you need consult our customer sevice first with the type and year of your car)
5. Software support update. By CD or HDD (One Year for Free, It can not be updated online. 200USD for one time update after one year.) Software contains operating system win XP only. you just need to insert into your computer and use it.

Piwis Tester II Functions:
1. Read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, component test, maintenance information consult, components site drawing, wiring diagram.
2. Piwis Tester II works with the old and latest Porsche cars. It is equipped with the Panasonic laptop and original software for the test. Piwis Tester II can help you diagnose and program the most new and old kind of Porsche cars. For example: 911(997)(991), Boxster/Cayman, (987), Cayenne up to MY 2010, Cayenne from MY 2011 and Panamera.
3. New Panamera can only be diagnosed by using Piwis Tester II. Based on current project planning, all earlier vehicle models will gradually be changed over to the new Piwis Tester II by the end of 2010. Piwis Tester I must be used for older models in the Porsche workshop until end of 2010.
4. Support for Porsche. Piwis Tester I will no longer be available once the earlier diagnostic programs have been transferred to Piwis Tester II.
5. When Porsche Piwis Tester II is distributed, it will contain one basic piece of software. This is necessary in order to start and configure the tester.

Comparation: Autel MaxiSys MS906 VS MS906TS VS MS906BT

MaxiSys MS906 VS MS906TS VS MS906BT have the same function, but also have many different as follow:

A:Function: MS906<MS906BT < MS906TS

B.MS906TS is added TPMS function based on MS906BT.

C.MS906 has the same apperance with MS906BT, But MS906BT has a few advantage than MS906:

1. MS906BT is installed Bluetooth, allowing diagnosis wirelessly.
2. MS906BT’s diagnostic coverage includes premium vehicle brands such as Maserati and Bentley, which would be required for high-end service shops.
3. MS906BT supports oscilloscope and digital inspection camera add-ons which are not supported by MS906.
4. Finally, MS906BT has the capability to perform coding for covered vehicles.

The MS906BT have all the capabilities of the maxisys mini ms905 as far as vehicle coverage and capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests, adaptations and ECU coding .comparing the new MS906BT to the MS905 and they are similar in size but the MS906BT seems to have improvements such as faster processors, slightly larger screen, twice the battery capacity and better camera

MaxiSys MS906BT is the latest addition to the MaxiSys product line of advanced wireless diagnostic devices. The device is based on the Android operating system featured with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics and ECU coding capability. Utilizing the powerful Exynos 5260 6-core processor (1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 + 1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15), an 8” capacitive HD touch screen, and long-distance wireless communication, the MaxiSys MS906BT efficiently provides comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and analysis.

Condor XC Mini KM03 Bluetooth vs KM02 Key Cutting Machine

This is for your information. It’s different between Condor XC-Mini KM02xx and KM03xx series

What is the difference between KM02xx and KM03xx series ?

The difference is:
motherboard, driver board, touch screen and add a fan near power.
KM03xx supports Bluetooth function.

Btw, you can activate Bluetooth on Laptop/Tablet or Smartphone and press the “search for machine” button in Instacode and it will pair with Condor Mini.

How do you know your machine is KM02 or KM03?

Mate,turn on the machine you will find machine SN and software version in main-interface.

Condor Mini KM03 test report:

Today tried to cut HU55P, cutter started to the other direction and cut into the jaw

I cut some HU64 and never had a problem with it.

100% hu64 is ok with condor xc007 and condor mini km03 tested by me many times…

I used it to cut HU100. Worked like a charm!!!

How to enable BMW F1 hidden features with Vgate iCar 2

Here I have something want to share with you guys, about BMW hidden features esp. X1 F48 coding at the lowest price. 20 usd (a vgate icar 2 adapter) helps me with all coding.

Enabling hidden features at the consumer level is mainly meant to improve Comfort / Convenience and maybe, to activate a few other cool stuff. It is important that the engine / drivetrain parameters are left untouched unless one is trained to do so. It is prudence to limit Coding only to activate the important features that make our life easy on the day to day basis and not to keep meddling with it on a regular basis. As we are just changing the status of the stock features, the changes made are only over-written in the registry. Coding as we do with the BimmerCode does not add lines to the programme and therefore, the checksum or the coding registration should not change. This is similar to selecting options from the iDrive Infotainment system, except that they are not directly accessible.

Hardware remains the same without any changes; it is only that their default status change and that anyway can be altered by the user ON-THE-GO. There is no way this can have any adverse effect on the car as a whole and therefore, denying warranty is not justifiable. However, preserving a copy of the stock setup file can prove invaluable at times.


The App allows coding of BMW cars and has 2 stages; the first being the simple / straight forward one, which covers the most common features, that too in English. This is sufficient for most purpose. The second being an advanced one, needs in-depth knowledge and unfortunately is in German language; therefore, best avoided unless one can understand German language and knows exactly what he /she is up to. The app saves a copy of the log file every time it scans. This can be exported to an iMac through iTunes for later use.

It is a good practice to check error logs through BimmerLink before attempting any changes. This can serve as a reference for future too. It is important to keep the slate clean after every session and therefore, investing on both BimmerCode and BimmerLink makes sense; BimmerCode is used to make changes to the default status of the features and BimmerLink is used to check / clear errors if any.

It is good to turn-on Airplane mode and enable only Wi-Fi connection before starting the activity. This will avoid any calls / messages interrupting the activity itself which can stall communication.

It is recommended to keep the Engine off with the ignition turned-on during the activity. As the modules are reset after applying the changes to the registry, the engine will be turned off. This can create a tense situation un-necessarily.

As the modules are reset during the process, there can be communication drop between modules which can throw-up errors. These errors are automatically erased during the end stages of coding. However, after the coding activity, it is good to manually check for errors through BimmerLink and erase them if needed.

It is best to code features pertaining to one module at a time and verify the results before attempting another module. Some modules which are a combination of analog and digital components will be slower in communication. Therefore, for modules such as Infotainment system, Speedo-Combo, etc. slow communication needs to be selected under settings.

App can be downloaded for free and verified in the Demo mode before purchasing / unlocking the same for coding. Quick start guide and FAQ including the list of supported cars and the options available are all available within the app too.

Make sure that the Mobile battery is fully charged and plan ahead to complete the coding activity within 15-20 minutes so that the car battery does not drain. It is a good practice to keep all accessories switched off during the activity.


A must have for reading and clearing errors. I would not recommend coding without having this app, as it is very important to clear errors if any, after the activity. This will also help as a future reference. The app also has features to display sensor values, control exhaust flap, along with the provision to have required parameters to be displayed as a dashboard. I am yet to check these features as everything is in German; will update as and when I figure out something!

Vgate iCar2 Wifi OBD2 adapter:

It was available with me came in handy. I downloaded both BimmerCode and BimmerLink apps from Apple Store for approximately Rs.2100 each. Wi-Fi dongle worked fine with communication speed similar to that I have experienced with the VCDS.

Features that I could successfully code:

1. Auto Start/Stop system OFF by default
2. Auto fold/unfold ORVM with lock/unlock

Indian variant X1 F48 does not have the hardware pertaining to the front passenger seat belt reminder!! Therefore this non-existing feature can-not be activated!! Crap!!

Of-late, BMW has hard-coded lane change indicator cycle selector. Therefore this can-not be accessed for coding. Choice through Infotainment system is only between 1 and 3 cycles.

Auto Handbrake activation is not possible through BimmerCode. Have to try my luck elsewhere. I read somewhere on the net that this is possible through E-Sys.

I will be glad to support fellow BHPians in Bangalore to activate these features if they need / interested. It will be nice if someone has Carly or the E-Sys in Bangalore, so that they can be compared. Maybe, they can activate a couple of things that the BimmerCode couldn’t.

Thanks for reading!

MB Diagnostic Tool MB STAR C4 MB SD connect compact 4 with Wifi Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool

MB Diagnostic Tool MB STAR C4 MB SD connect compact 4 with Wifi Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool
MB SD Connect Compact 4 support reading out & erasing trouble code, reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming.
1. The new for diagnostic equipment for all current and new coming vehicles
2. As for China copy C4, you use any latops with SATA hard disk instead of that heavy -Screen computer.
3. It work with XP system.
4. It is including diagnosing, programming, simulation studying, repair information, automotive maintenance, technical service bulletin and so on.
5. The new Xentry is better than C3 DAS and it connect – Internet to update and to programe and to set codes.
6. The SD-Connect is better and faster than Star.
7. It is including system recoverying functions.
Czech, German, English, Finiish, Hangarian, Janpanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Turkish

How to activate Toyota H chip generation for VVDI2 full kit

Steps to activate VVDI2 Toyota H chip generation:

Run xhorse update app: Upgrade kit

Connect your VVDI2 device with the PC

Click on Recognize a device to get the device and PC connected


Log in with your phone number registered before

(this is only for users registered vvdi2 with their phone numbers)

Click on Activate H chip generation

Note: if you have a vvdi2 full kit, it’s free to get H chip authorization

But if you don’t have the full version like vvdi2 basic, please go to

Vvdi2 H chip generation authorization success!

Steps to update vvdi2 firmware:

1) Close other VVDI2 programs, connect VVDI2 to PC with USB cable

2) Choose VVDI2 firmware version from Firmware List

3) Press button Update Online, wait the progress end

4) If failed to get firmware list or get something like “communicate with server error!” while update your device, close antivirus and firewall programs, try again. Change your internet provider once failed again

5) DON’T shutdown your PC or disconnect USB cable while update device

1.1. Refresh Firmware List